Preorders – Get a Bonus Pack!

Hey everyone! We’re happy to announce that Room Party goes on sale to the general public on February 22. You’ll be able to purchase it online (and if you’re going to TFF you can buy it in person and make awkward small talk with us!).

But BEFORE THAT we’re offering a small batch of pre-orders THIS MONDAY, February 3. These will be the first decks we send out that are not for Kickstarter backers. But wait there’s more! The first 50 people to preorder both the core deck and the expansion will get one of the limited edition bonus packs!

Photo-HipstersThe bonus pack contains 22 cards, featuring all the bonuses from our Kickstarter campaign. That includes the Hipster pack, the custom cards, the guest artists, and the blank cards. They’re some of the best cards in the game, but they’re super rare. Oh, and they’re all gold foil printed, so they’re also hella ballin’.


“HOW DO I GET THOSE?!” you cry!

Follow us on Twitter @RoomPartyGame so you can see the announcement for when the store goes live on Monday, February 3. Then get in there and preorder the game and expansion. It’s that easy! While you’re there you can also buy hot t-shirts and shot glasses.

See you Monday!

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