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A Sampler Platter of Cards

Hey Partiers!

Just a quick update for you guys. We’ll be going to show off some of the Kickstarter bonus cards and guest artist cards soon, but in the mean time, check out some of the hilariously awesome cards from the main deck!




As you can see we hit a lot of geeky notes with the deck. Room Party encompasses every facet of nerd culture because we’re all different kinds of dorks. 😉

The Guest Artists – Part 1

Hey Room Partiers,

As promised, we’ve got an update for you regarding the awesome Guest Artist Pack you all helped us achieve. We’ve been recruiting artists from all manners of geek culture, and we’re pretty thrilled. Check out the first two cards, exclusive to our Kickstarter backers.

Zach Weinersmith – Candy From a Stranger

Zach is the hilariously genius creator of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and overall awesome dude. Seriously go read that comic, it’s brilliant.

What also makes Zach awesome is that he created not just a funny and frightening card, but one that adds a bit of random chance to the game. It’s one of our favorite cards in the entire deck, including the ones we created.

Candy from a Stranger, and Super Hero 
Candy from a Stranger, and Superhero

Matt Haley – Superhero

Matt Haley is a comic industry vet, doing work for Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse. Recently he is the artist of “Sarah Silverman’s “We Are Miracles” HBO special airing this month, Stan Lee’s “Verticus” iOS game, and the Morgan Spurlock documentary “Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope”. You can check out his website at

We really wanted to have a traditional classic comic book bonus card, and Matt is definitely the guy for it. The dude has been making awesome comic art for years, including the awesome Elseworld Supergirl/Batgirl team-up. Check out how rad and buff (and hot) that superhero is.


We’re so excited to be able to do something special like this for our backers, and all the guest artists have been amazing. These are just two of the guest artists included in the Kickstarter bonus pack. We’ll announce a few more next week!

Project Update!

Greetings Room Party Fans!

Wow does time fly. Our sincerest apologies for the radio silence. Life emergencies and unforeseen circumstances got in the way of our projects.

But we’re still here and kicking, and Room Party is back on track! So what’s been happening these last couple months?

As you all recall our KS did so well we added a expansion pack as a stretch goal. In our hubris we kind of forgot how much work goes into creating an entire additional set of cards with rules. We’ve been hard at work creating new cards, balancing the game, and making sure everything is as hilarious and fun as the Room Party Base set.

Check out some of the unseen cards for the Core Deck to whet your appetite!

Room Party : Funny Internet Videos Room Party: High Floor

Our current release goal is Mid-January 2014.  That sounds far away, but believe us, it’s coming FAST. We will keep you updated on our progress and any changes.

Our Guest Artist pack is AMAZING. We’ve got some incredible talent in it. Our next update will be about that, and will reveal some of the cards that only the super cool Kickstarter people get!

You can expect weekly updates from us from now until the game’s release, right here, on Twitter, or through your email if you’re one of the KickStarter donators!

Thanks for your patience, everyone! We’re so glad you guys are excited for the game. We can’t wait for you all to play!

Summer Convention Schedule

Summer is a busy time for geeky conventions of all types, and Room Party will be at a bunch of them. Below is a list we’ll be updating of our confirmed con appearances.

Anthrocon – Pittsburgh, PA
July 3-6
Sofawolf Press Table

Comic Con International (SDCC) – San Diego, CA
July 24-27
Sofawolf Press Table

Eurofurence – Berlin, Germany
August 20-24
Black-Paw Productions Table

PAX Prime [[TENTATIVE]] – Seattle, WA
August 29- September 1
Room Party Booth

Rainfurrest – Seattle, WA
September 25-28
Sofawolf Press Table

We’re really excited to bring Room Party all over the country (and to Europe!). If you’re going to any of these conventions, come find us and say hi, buy the game, and invite us to your room party. We promise to make things weird for you.