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The Guest Artists – Part 2

Hey all you super cool Kickstarter backers! Got another update to tantalize you, and two more guest artists!

Ursula Vernon – Sentient Internet Meme

Before Ursula Vernon was winning Hugo Awards for her amazing graphic story series Digger, or writing beloved children’s books, she was inadvertently creating one of our favorite Internet memes, LOLWUT. The surrealist, absurdist pear is here to make your Room Party that much more confusing and insane.



Kent Mudle – Mini-Boss

Kent Mudle wears numerous hats. He’s the writer and artist for the dark, silly, artsy, adventure comic Beret as well as being an artist at acclaimed video game developer Telltale Games (You like the Walking Dead and the Wolf Among Us? Us too!). Kent brings his love of video games and great style to the Mini-Boss card, a dastardly villain so deadly, it probably takes THREE good jumps to dispose of him.


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